People at Cloister

Cloister has lots of awesome people responsible for making it the way it is. Read more about its undergraduate officers or management.

Undergraduate officers

President - Jake Sally

Jake is a humble blacksmith who was born in L.A and was raised on heated dinner table discussions and sugar-free cereal. When he wasn't reading in the fair-weather state of Colorado, he found himself playing a variety of sports from basketball to rock climbing. Slowly he's narrowed his taste in both literature and sports to fantastical-realism and Princeton Club Soccer. Jake finds Cloister to be a home away from home, especially since that's where he's currently living. Cheesy eggs and neon hats--he couldn't ask for more from an Eating Club, and hopes to improve the already flawless establishment on 65 Prospect St. An English major, Jake plans to move far, far away from the rainy state of New Jersey and return to Los Angeles and earn his keep in the entertainment industry.

Vice President - Adlai Pappy

Hey, my name is Adlai Pappy, I'm from Atlanta, Georgia, and I'm a pre-med majoring in molecular biology minoring in neuro. I proudly represent the floaters. I like doing back flips with my diver friends, blogging about medical diseases, and I looking at biotech investments in my spare time. I love rap and you can always find me out on the Cloister dance floor. I hope to move on to medical school and see where that path takes me. I'd love to become a doctor or work in the pharmaceutical industry one day.

Social Chair - Kate Baker

*/Kate Baker/*, Social Chair, resides in Princeton, New Jersey, with her current family. As a toddler, Kate, was involved in a shipwreck and raised by fairies on a small island before being rescued. Kate enjoys making tie-dye t-shirts, puppies, and eating copious amounts of ice cream. As an English major, she enjoys writing long papers with many words and reading complicated novels so she can name drop titles. Kate is also a member of the Women's Open Weight crew team.

Treasurer - Andrea Schiller

Andrea Schiller is a Junior majoring in American Politics with a Certificate in Latin American Studies. She is originally from San Diego, CA and her family currently resides in Boca Raton, FL. On campus, Andrea is on the Princeton Women's Crew Team, Business Today, Princeton Women in Business, the Rotaract Club and is an Outdoor Action Leader. In her free time, Andrea enjoys running, reading and competing in triathlons.

House Manager - Mike Protesto

Mike Protesto is from Philadelphia, PA. He is majoring in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and aspires to use his engineering background for a hands on future in the aerospace industry. Outside of school, he is also a rower for the Men’s Heavyweight Crew Team. He also enjoys music and drums in his spare time.

Senior Officers

Apparel Chairs

- Taylor Hills, Jim McGlone

Community Service Chairs

- Gabriela Gonzalez-Araiza, Emily Clonts

Recruitment Chairs

- Alex Wise, Spencer Stroebel

Alumni Relations

- Kathryn O'Connell

Tech Chair

- Luis Quintero, Margret Shaw


- Nick Bax, Tory Tobolsky

Interior Decorators

- Alya Forester, Pauline Nguyen

Faculty Fellow

- Michelle Oresky

Junior Officers

Asst Social Chairs

- Tyler Nase, Molly Hamrick, Kathy Qu

Asst House Manager

- Brian Wettach and Gordon Eccles


- Tim Bauman


- Kila Pickering

Assistant Recruitment Chair

- Kaspar Raigla

Intramurals Chair

- Connie Gao

Meals Chair and Captain Planet

- Alexa Powers


Executive Chef/Club Steward/Facilities Manager - Alan Aptner

Alan who has guided the club for over 30 years and consistently amazes us with the quality and selection of food. His energetic blog posts add more life to this website. He also runs a catering company, which can be accessed at

Alan can be contacted by phone at 609-258-0652.

Business Manager - Gordon Harrison

Gordon handles all billing concerns. He's been a big help to Cloister for over 30 years! He can be reached at 609-258-1380.

Graduate liaison - John Wachter

John works near Princeton and knows a lot about Cloister. He likes to stay involved with the club even though he graduated.