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If you want to add pictures, ftp into the server and just add pictures to the /var/www/html/cloisterinn directory. This is organized where each folder is an "album," and every picture in the folder is a part of the folder. Then the file descr.txt under each album directory has information about the titles of each of the pictures.

So if you want to make a new album:

  1. Create a new directory for your album.
  2. Drag all of the pictures you want in your album into that directory
  3. Create an informational file for your album. This file should be of the format:
    Album name
    Name of picture in directory (i.e, cater 004.jpg) <TAB> Targeted name of picture
    Name of picture in directory (i.e, cater 005.jpg) <TAB> Targeted name of picture
    Where <TAB> should be the tab character.